NEW SHOP PATTERNS – 04.12.2021


It’s time for some new shop patterns!

Now Ko-Fi are offering discount codes, I shall be uploading new patterns to both my Etsy and Ko-Fi shops.

This month I have two new designs for you featuring Snover and the Alolan ice form of Vulpix!

I really enjoyed stitching these designs, and I hope you will like them too!

They’re available now, so go take a mooch!

Till next time … keep Kalm and cross-stitch! 😊

FREEBIE FRIDAY – 03.12.2021


Staying on theme, today’s freebie features Snorlax again – YAY!

Not only that, but I have two designs for you today – double YAY!

The first one is  my “Snoozy” Snorlax…

This was inspired by my Instagram follower @missflossboss who referred to him as her ‘spirit’ animal.  I think we can all relate to that – I know I can be quite lazy too!

As a bonus, I’ve also uploaded the pattern for his ‘monochrome’ version too.


Click on the links below to download the patterns!

Till next time … keep Kalm and cross-stitch 😊 x



It’s all about Snorlax this week!

This lazy Pokémon is very much a fan favourite (I’m a fan too), and today I’m resurrecting my blackwork version which was withdrawn from my Etsy shop sometime ago.  I really enjoyed stitching this design, and I hope you’ll want to stitch him too!

You can download the pattern here:

Till next time … keep Kalm and cross-stitch 😊 x

FREEBIE FRIDAY – 26.11.2021

Greetings guys, hope you’re all well?

So, we’ve reached the end of November (eek), and it’s not long until the festive season begins!  There’s lots to look forward to next month, but for now, I have two new Pokémon monochrome sprites for you to enjoy in the forms of Vulpix and Ninetails!

You can download them now from here:

When I was making up these patterns, I noticed an error in the thread information.  I had listed one of the Anchor colours wrong!   I’d put 339 instead of 399.  I know most of you guys use DMC colours (that number is correct), but I just wanted to raise it for anyone like me who uses Anchor.  I’m sure, however, that any savvy stitcher would realise that 339 is a brown and not a grey and have made the swop.

Anyhow, I’ve amended my pattern template, and I’ve also amended ALL the monochrome patterns previously updated to  They should all be right now.

Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused anyone.

Till next time … keep Kalm and cross-stitch 😊 x

WIP WEDNESDAY – 24.11.2021

Howdo again!

December is edging ever closer, and here at gatchastitch HQ, I’m busy getting my patterns ready for the start of next month’s festivities.

Most of my designs are now done, with the exception of one, which will be my ‘exclusive’ for my monthly Ko-Fi supporters:

As you can see, it features Froslass!

Initally, this was requested by one of my followers as a ‘ghost type’, and that had been my plan originally, but as I didn’t have time to finish it to include it in my Halloween rosta, and as Froslass is a dual ghost/ice type, I decided to make it a festive design!

Hopefully, it’ll be finished in time for release around the middle of December.

I’ve also been working on my designs for ‘Freebie Fridays’ and such:

It’s going to be quite a busy month, with lots of festive designs to look forward to – which I hope you guys will like too! 

On a final note, sign up for my Christmas 2021 SAL has now closed.  Thanks to those of you who signed up – the first page will be going out by email next Wednesday (1st December), but my Ko-Fi Supporters can get the first page now!

If you’re not a supporter yet, or would like to make me a donation, click on the link below and you can start stitching now too!


Till next time … keep Kalm and cross-stitch! 😊 x


It’s Thursday again, which means it’s time for a new pattern!

Today’s pattern features Slowbro:

You can download the pattern here:

I apologise that there are only two patterns being uploaded to the Pattern Club this month as opposed to the usual four.  It appears that things have gone a bit haywire of late as I’ve been pre-occupied with my Festive schedule.

Hopefully, there will be a few extra rewards next month to make up for it!

Till next time … keep Kalm and cross-stitch 😊 x

WIP WEDNESDAY – 17.11.2021

Greetings again!

Following on from last week, I’ve been busy working on new ‘festive’ themed designs for next month’s Pattern Club and shop releases!

Vanillite and Snover are done and now I’ve started working on this:


Yes, it’s Ice Vulpix!

I’ve been using muted shades of grey, blue and purple to represent winter in these designs.  One of my favourite colours is DMC colour variation shade #4215 (Northern Lights).  I had initially designed this with shade #4220 (Lavender Fields), but I felt it was too pale so swopped it out last minute.

Shade #4010 (Winter Sky) is another good choice – I’ve used this colour on Snom, which I feel would work well on a dark-blue aida as well as the recommended white!

It’s one of the things I love about designing – seeing which colours work best on a design, and not being afraid to swop them out if they don’t!

On another positive note, my sparkly thread that I was worried would run out, hasn’t (Huzzah)! 


I’ve pretty much finished stitching my designs for next month (with the exception of my Subscriber Exclusive), all I need to do is amend any errors and make up the patterns etc…

My Christmas 2021 SAL is all ready to go too!  Thanks to those of you who have already signed up.  If you’d like to join in and haven’t yet, you still have another week to do so!

Don’t forget, if you donate to my Ko-Fi or take out a monthly subscription between now and then, you can gain access to the SAL one week earlier, as I’ll be posting the link to the first page for my Ko-Fi supporters on 24th November.

A bonus to doing that is you can access ALL my Pattern Club patterns for 30 days if you make a one-off donation, or unlimited access as well as access to all my subscriber exclusives if you take out a monthly-subscription!

If not, then I’ll be sending out an email with the links weekly from the 1st December.

Till next time … keep Kalm and cross-stitch! 😊 x


Howdo, guys!

So, it’s getting to that time of year, Christmas is coming and pretty much every advert on the TV right now is a sickly, sweet Christmas one (Bah-humbug)!

Also, as my US followers get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, that means that Black Friday is incoming (were getting adverts for that too).  Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I shall be having a “BLACK NOVEMBER” sale from 15th to 30th November across BOTH my Etsy and Ko-Fi shops.

Yes, Ko-Fi now offers discount codes, which means you can shop and get discounts there as well as on Etsy!  The only downside, is that you have to click on the link below to activate the sale.

You can also enter code BLACKNOV50 at the checkout to activate the code.

I’d be grateful if someone would buy something from my Ko-Fi shop and let me know how they get on (especially with the discount), as I’m looking at moving my Etsy shop to Ko-Fi in the new year!


Till next time … keep Kalm and cross-stitch 😊 x

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